Thursday, March 10, 2011


Even though I'm going to spend the next 20-25 days semi-laid up, it still doesn't mean I've left off my spring fashion scheming. Not when my morning in-box is filled with so many tempting offers from retailers around the world all vying so craftily for my fashion dollars—it's like being in some exotic bazaar in a land far, far away, only I'm in my jammies, sipping coffee, and my office doesn't smell like camel dookie.

High on my list for spring? A haute hippie wedge or shoe. Since I just received a coupon from the Gap family of stores for 15 percent off, I decided to see what Piperlime has to offer me, in the realm of under $100.

My first pick is the Vince Camuto Edo, which the line should have just gone on and called the Christian Louboutin, because they are an exact dupe of the version put out by CL, only at a tenth of the cost. I'm not proud, though. Until someone starts paying me Louboutin wages, a knock off will do.

The Camuto.

The Louboutin.
Commence to cartoon double take.

Choice number two is the Harlow by Seychelles. I like the delicate ropey detail at the forefoot. A wee bit more feminine, more 1982 than 1972.

Another Seychelles offering, the Purr. Very pretty, and I like the neutral hue. (Remember: no nude is good nude, unless it's on a shoe.)

I also really like these cork-soled babies by Frye. Not a wedge, but definitely haute hippie, and you know they're going to be comfortable and well-made. But they're close to two hundred and fifty smackers, so let's just move along, shall we?

(However, do not think they have escaped my clutches just yet; there is always eBay.)

So tell the Bitches, are you feelin' the 70s wedge revival for spring?