Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Accessories

Dear bitches, I finished.

My finishing time: 13:53. That's 13 hours, 53 minutes to take myself 140.6 miles by swimming, biking, and running. That's a personal record for me!

In my own personal tradition, I'm wearing my medal to work today. I wear it until everyone knows I finished, and then I retire it (that's about a day).

One might ask, what does one wear with a medal the size of a license plate? Well, I've opted to dress like a rockstar with my rockstar t-shirt and my skinny jeans and my military jacket. And flats.

I think it goes perfectly.


moi said...

Oh yes, it does. You earned every piece of it too, you Ironman-ing Biatch. BTW, you better leave me that H&M jacket in your will or I will sic someone's ghost on you from on high, don't cha know.

K9 said...

what could you wear with it? gold teeth? a giant alarm clock? big big diamond studs? grrhahaha


Boxer said...

damn, K9 stole my giant alarm clock suggestion.

Congrats!!!!! I'd be happy to do 13 minutes, not hours.

LaDivaCucina said...

Congrats, YOU SO FREAKIN' ROCK!!! I can't imagine doing 13 hours of anything, honestly, let alone what you just challenged yourself to.

Yeah, what K9 says, if Flava Flav can sport too big neck-o-lai, then why can't YOU?!

YOU GO GIRL!!! xxx