Wednesday, November 3, 2010

shapeless things

While Moi is away slaving over a hot laptop, we'll take a break from the Lucky throw-down to pique your interest in a trend we've been watching closely: the poncho.

Yes, I said poncho.

The first image in my head when I see that word is the $10 acrylic thing I bought in Juarez one lost weekend. It had llamas on it and a fringe. It fell past my knees and smelled of lanolin. I felt like Clint Eastwood when I wore it. My kids have ponchos in their wardrobes too. They are the single most favored winter clothing items they own, probably because it's the equivalent of wearing a blankie in public. I can totally get behind this trend, I know on some days I'd love to wear my blankie to work too.

The new poncho bears no resemblance to the old hippie picnic blanket that doubles as a tent. It is no longer a crocheted square with a hole for your head. It does not smell like patchouli, and it is not a woolen muumuu.

The new trend in poncho is shorter and slimmer construction , showing off your waist and creating a longer silhouette. It is chic and refined, and sometimes calls itself a capelet, or shrug.

Land's End Heritage Capelet

Not a llama in sight.

BCBG Faux Fur Shrug

Be warned: these pieces look like knitted sacks on a rack, but once on, they look chic and cozy with boots, leggings, and pretty much any shirt you like underneath.

Anthropologie Thousand Words poncho

You can also totally change the look of your favorite sheath dress by throwing one of these warm fuzzies over the top.
Forever 21 Looped Poncho

Like my old Mexican hippie find, the new ponchos in trend-ville are not expensive, although they can be tricky to find. I skipped over one on a sales rack because it looked like a disheveled pile of yarn. I happened to see someone else trying one on and saw how awesomely it worked, right away.

If you spot one, be fearless: go try out this new trend, and let us know what you think.


moi said...

Remember when knit and crocheted ponchos were all the rage, like, five years ago? Which just goes to show that fashion is like the weather. Just wait five minutes . . . That being said, some of these do bear disturbing resemblances to bathmats.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

one woman's bathmat is another woman's woobie, is what I always say.

bon said...

Ooooo! You guys need to hit Etsy and check out the "capelets" they have going! Delish!

moi said...

Welcome, Bon! Ah, the wonderful time suck that is Etsy. Is there anything quite like it? Thanks for the head's up. And I love the names you have given your children. In my next life, I'd like to be named Birdie.