Wednesday, August 19, 2009

trendspotting in europe

*ring ring* the 80's called, it said, give me back my stupid neck scarf, bitches.

Back when I was young, and the earth was still cooling, that arabic-scarf-thingie-avec-little-dangly-bits was a cool look that was being sported worn around the necks of mainly rock stars. Like Bono. In my teenaged lack of political savvy, even I recognized that arabic looking scarf thingie as the same dishrag that Yassir Arafat wore on his head. The internets tell me it is called a Keffiyeh.

Wikipedia gives an extensive history of this little scrap of cloth and its political symbolism. Yes, children, if Yassir Arafat is wearing something, you better believe it is probably a political symbol. Lucky for Bono, only the Keffiyeh was taken on as a trendy fashion item, and not Arafat's ugly green military uniform. 'Cos otherwise, I might have had to re-think my crush.

I myself never owned or wore a Keffiyeh. At the time, I was all anti-establishment (what teenager isn't?) and the wearing of garb that was representative of The Uprising Of The People would totally have suited me. Alas, there were no Keffiyeh to be had in Deepest Darkest Fashion Purgatory where I lived.

I spent a few weeks in the UK recently. What fun that was, being in the place that pretty much was central to my fashion senses when I was a youth. And what to my aged eyes did appear but Every Other Person On the Ever Loving Street wearing a Keffiyeh, or Keffiyeh-looking scarf.

Especially in London.

Look - even David, his Beckhamness is wearing one...

and also, Colin Farrell.

And of course, Sting. I think he just dragged it out of his closet from way back when, the hoarder.

Now, I do not feel I am qualified to discuss the history of politics and fashion and how they collide, and my brief googling has found that there is plenty of work already done on this subject.

I do, however, feel qualified to say HOLY SHIT THE 80's REALLY ARE BACK AGAIN.


Because, I am not kidding when I say Every Other Person on the street was wearing one of these things. Knock-off shops had knock-offs of them. Street vendors were selling them.

So, kids, if you really want to look just like those trendy bitches in Europe, I suggest you go out and get one now - right now apparently, it's the trendo-accessory du jour.

oh, and the fluorescent clothes thingie? That's also back. Please please please, let the nightmare end soon...


moi said...

Colin Farrell could wear Crocs and I'd forgive him, he's just that doable. But everyone else, especially Sting-a-Ling? NON! This trend must die the death of a thousand suns.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I feel the same way about David, his Beckhamness. Lord help me.

Oh now, Mr. Sting and his Tantric ways don't titillate you? at all?

moi said...

Beckham I wouldn't kick out of the kitchen. But Sting? He reminds me of Pepe le Pew. Srsly.

Boxer said...

I'll be printing these posts out and making my own "How To" manuel.

I get scarfs for winter time when your neck is coldy and all, but fashions scarves on men?


Congrats on the new blog you two! I'm already a fan.

czar said...

You've heard the update on Sting's claim of 7-hour Tantric lovemaking sessions, which he uttered about 20 years ago? He was famous for this claim, and was questioned about it more recently. He laughed and said something along the lines of, "7 hours? That includes dinner and a movie, and three hours of begging."

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I had not heard that about Senor the Sting - hilarious! It does not change the colour of my feelings for him (he was my second serious crush, after David Cassidy, after all).

Pepe le Pew? hee hee hee...

moi said...

You never heard that about Sting? It's one of the things that made me go, yew! about him. Seven hours? I dunno about y'all, but I got other things on the burner. Like the dishes. OPI's new nail colors for fall. It was all just a wee bit too "yoga dude" por Moi.