Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Bitch a Day: Desktop Sailor

Moi and I have discussed the need to take our ideas on the road, as they say. Air out the closet. Show off our fashion smarts. Hold ourselves up for ridicule. Give our readers the opportunity to yay or nay us with impunity. Maybe even throw us candy or rotten fruit. We also take cash . . .

Anyway. In the service of this idea, I've decided to add a new topic and call it, "A Bitch A Day." I have decreed that every once in a while, we'll post outfits that we have thrown together. This can serve as style inspiration and as a reminder to us of what we have in our closets, or what we could do with stuff we haven't quite figured out yet. We DO sometimes forget what's in there, you know. . .

Today's Bitch A Day is called "Desktop Sailor."

Inspiration: On Moi's suggestion I have purchased a new French Sailor top from LL Bean. I went with the cream with navy stripe, 1/4 zip. On the plus side: I opened the bag from LL Bean yesterday and was immediately impressed: It's great quality and fits perfectly. What more could a bitch ask for? The down side: this stripe thing is new material for me – it's a great top, but what the hell do I do with it? This is the top's first time out.

Twin A (she's not so steady, but she's learning)

Venue: my messy messy house, late for school (hurry up and take the picture already!)

Pants: Beat-up jCrew jeans

Shoes: shiny red flats by Born

Top: LL Bean French Sailor 1/4 Zip, cream with navy stripe

Jacket: (Much coveted – yes, Moi, I KNOW) H&M Military Blazer, black. I almost almost went with my jCrew velvet pinstripe blazer - it worked just as well. I just love this one. OK? There's nothing wrong with that.

Accessories: Whatever I could grab with one hand on my way out the door (red heart earrings, pearls, button bracelet)


Aunty Belle said...

I cain't see them heart earrings, Piratess (heh).

Well, lemme say right off, them red flats is a great look wif the sailor top an' jeans. Flip side is, bein' true to mah staid prudish reputation, I does prefer jeans wif'out fatal injuries.

BTW, I ain't never trusted a house wif'out a bit of mess heah an theah. Ain't natural.

moi said...

"Jeans without fatal injuries." bwahahahahaha.

I'm not sure where the destroyed boyfriend jean trend started, but it was big this year and looks to continue into the spring. I'm on the fence about it myself.

But not on the fence about the LL Bean French cut quarter zip. It's one awesome shirt. I love it paired with my, I mean YOUR, H&M jacket.

LaDivaCucina said...

The jeans bring the whole look down. That whole torn jean look is not doing anyone any favors, it was supposed to be "in" over 10 years ago when I had my torn jeans in Sydney. When will it die the death it deserves?!

La Diva says with all due respect: Keep the jeans for working around the house! And I don't like the cuffs on the bottom either, too sloppy looking for the sharp, crisp look of the shirt, jacket and red shoes. The entire look would be elevated but still casual with a dark blue denim jean instead. (With a finished hem.) Carry the red again with the heart earrings or with a bangle or even a scarf tied on your bag.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I agree, I know the beatup jeans are not a look for everyone. It's my inner punk rock. It's the middle finger side of my wardrobe - ann taylor on top, beatup jeans on the bottom.

I'm not done with it yet.