Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bitch A Day: Winter White

Drat! Turns out yesterday's brief sunshiny reprieve was nothing more than a cruel, cruel joke, an amuse-bouche sized portion of springtime rather than the whole ding dang meal. As I sit here and write this, even MORE SNOW is falling outside my window, floating down in that blanket thick way that almost always portends a major dump somewhere in the neighborhood of a gazillion inches. Which means more shoveling and more driving of the high clearance/high gas mileage vehicle instead of my zippy little Mini. Le sigh. The car, she is just going to have to wait until April to get out.

Seems like my spring wardrobe is stuck inside as well, regardless of the fact that the stores and magazines are all chock-a-block full of spring/summer fashions. Damn them. But that's just the way the fashion cookie crumbles: the carrot of fall/winter and spring/summer is always dangled in the opposite season. Which gets me all confuzzled for a month or so until I figure out the math.

So not only am I craving summer, I'm craving summer color. Like white. Lots and lots of white. Not ivory, not ecru, not vanilla. White. On me, though; not on the ground.

What started it was this spread in Lucky magazine about teasing four season usage out of every item in your wardrobe. This outfit in particular caught my eye:

I don't have a similar scarf (although, hey, note to self . . . ), but I do have a wonderful white cotton modal dress I purchased last spring that has been calling my name:

So when I saw the Lucky spread, I hollaed back. Here's my interpretation, minus the excellent photography (I really need to sit down and finally figure out this camera!)

Then, I topped it all off with a black pea coat and a colorful scarf, but by that time, I was ready to throw the camera against the wall, so you'll just have to believe me.

Dress: Deletta for Anthropologie, spring 2009
Sweater: Investment Cashmere, purchased a million years ago, Dillard's
Tights: Hue, Target
Booties: Söfft, Dillard's

Note: if you're looking for a well made, reasonably priced,
and unbelievably comfortable black bootie, these could be the pair.

Necklace: Upcycled chain mail necklace, Wear It! boutique, Albuquerque

Note to self: go buy striped scarf. Then clean bathroom mirrors.

I wore this outfit to an editorial meeting yesterday and actually got a couple compliments, although it did make me feel a little too wide-in-the-hippy. Another casualty of winter: my appetite.


Aunty Belle said...

no wonder ya had compliments--looks sharp.

But how does ya keep the white clean all day--dang, I reckon ya's the type wif' only lady like chores.

moi said...

Oh, heck, Aunty, it's not like I'm shoveling snow or cleaning house in this get up! It comes off immediately after I get home. I can keep anything clean for a couple hours, out of the house :o).

chickory said...

i like the look on you. i especially like the pea coat over the summer dress gacked up with scarfs - looks good.

moi, i thought of you today as i prepared an outfit for an opening tonight. its an interesting dress....kind of champagne toupey top with ferns and stuff on the bodice and then as it moves down its a confusion of many colors of flowers ending very darkly with a lot of black. its got an asian vibe to it...and a very cool neck line. i plan to wear it with black tights and some mega high platform suede mary janes. val thinks thats weird, i think it makes it kind of edgy and arty. what to do on top though? more black...naw its too harsh up there...i like how the look starts light around my face and then goes dark. i am going to send you a picture see what you, wheres my camera..i hope its not at chickory

moi said...

Chickory: Ooooooo, I'm diggin' the sound of a mega high platform Mary Jane with an Asian style dress – send photos! Is it warm enough over there to wear without a coat? Maybe just a wrap? That's always a problem, finding a topper when it's cold.

Athena Misty, aka "GeekGirl" said...

Re: the boots, I never thought of wearing them with tights. I have stuff I could do that with, I bet. Or not. Since I used to be a teacher, most of my wardrobe is winter/fall. Still, want the boots. I'll probably by some cheaper ones made in a sweatshop somewhere.

moi said...

No, Misty, no! Think of the chillruns! Buy Made in USA or Europe by adults who jump shipped the border and wear em forever and ever. Sweat shop = falls apart. Unless it's Forever 21. My new love. (Thanks, Pirate).

Boxer said...

this just makes me miss seeing you. :-)