Monday, February 22, 2010

celebrity skin

Look everyone! You, too, can lose a crazy amount of weight and look super skinny just days postpartum! All you have to do is buy this magazine!

As if motherhood isn't hard enough with the whole having-and-raising-a-baby thing, mothers have the additional pressure of recovery from pregnancy, which most women will tell you, is no picnic. For many of us our skin goes to hell, we lose all our hair, and we feel like crap from lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding. Let's not even discuss the postpartum hormones.

This is Kourtney Kardashian with a "post-baby body exclusive" in OK! magazine, here to give us some perspective. Here she is in a great picture, beautiful teeth, awesome skin. She looks the absolute picture of motherhood . . . and she looks really skinny. While it is true that some mothers do slim down quickly after giving birth, here's the real before-and-after versions of that photo:

What? You mean that flat belly's not real?

Turns out Kourtney was photo-shopped after the birth of her son (7 days postpartum) and made to look as though she has dropped all of her baby weight plus some. Shocking.

I'm going to ignore, for a moment, the ridiculous alliteration of the family's names (Kourtney and Khloe and Kim? Oh, my!), and move on to the part I find really offensive. While Kourtney openly says this image is not real (she admits she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, not 26, as the magazine claims), the damage is still done.

OK! implies that if after you give birth you haven't fully recovered and look like a supermodel within a mere couple weeks, you must be doing it wrong.

Popular media wants to tell women that while you might not look so awesome after the birth of your child, all the good celebrity mothers do. If you feel a little less-than-spectacular, we have the perfect diet plan for you to follow. Just buy this magazine . . .

We say, don't buy it ladies. You just don't have the right publicist.


Tex said...

Poor Mason even got a little photoshopping!

moi said...

The more I think about this, the more I just want to smack the bitch. Bad enough she's shillin' her chopped up bod to the tabs under the guise of offering healthy post-pregnancy shape up advice. Even worse, she allows her infant son to be PhotoShopped? That's like PhotoShopping a puppy to make it cuter or the Empire State Building to make it taller.

Tex said...

Well, I mean, he was looking a bit chunky in his onesie, wasn't he? Where are Baby Spanx when you need them???

try said...


Joanna Cake said...

Like you, I just want to slap her... and them! It really makes my blood boil because it's hard enough... and if you do try to live up to their example only to discover that the bitches are cheating!

All that money, all that help, all that extra sleep because they dont have to change nappies or feed in the night when someone else does it for them and they STILL cant look that way without being photoshopped.


Herself said...

You now, I actually did get into a pair of size 8 jeans 2 days after my 2nd kid was born, but I was 22 and had a slight eating disorder. And that was the last time I saw a size 8, too. This kind of crap really pissed me off because I see teenage girls all the time who tell me that of the 3 things they'd like to change aobut themselve, one of them is to have a "perfect body".