Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Closets Are the New Boutiques

Something must be in the air. An allergy to spending money, perhaps, or maybe just disinterest in the ready-to-wear lines coming down the line for spring. I don't know, exactly, but like Tex over at Fashion Butter, I have also been spending a good deal of time shopping my closet. My current kick? Mixing textures. Here's what I came up with for a party this past Saturday:

(clicky all photos for closer up details)

Top: Karen Millen (thanks, Pirate!)
Skirt: Eddie Bauer (thanks, Goodwill!)
Black Tights: Hue (not shown)
Boots: Isabella Bird
Earrings: Wear It! Boutique

Not only do I dig the contrast between the materials – silk satin, suede, and gold filigree – I also like the mixture of styles. The Asian style top lends a kind of arty sexiness to the overall Boho feel and keeps the whole look from going too Full On Hippie. I also paired this with another Asian style top, this one by Anac, which lends a brighter pop of color and a more casual vibe:

As for new purchases, I'm only allowing myself a couple for spring (I swear!), and that's only if I don't end up owing half my life to the IRS:

1. Some kind of platform sandal or wedge in a neutral color:




(If the question you are asking yourself right now is: "Dang, doesn't Moi ever get tired of the gladiator trend?" the answer is, "NO.")

2. This gingham-patterned dress from BCBG's Spring 2010 collection.

Gingham, you say? Surely, you jest! Hey, I laughed, too. I mean, when was the last time anyone saw gingham on anything except a onesie for a twosie? But believe me now so I don't have to tell you again later: This dress is so sweetly sexy cool, I can channel Lauren Bacall flashing her sloe-eyes at Bogie just by looking at it.

Unfortunately and for some mysterious reason, the dress seems to have disappeared from the BCBG Web site, where, I was hoping, it would soon go on sale. WTF? There is one seller on eBay that has listed this dress at a Buy It Now price of $49 two times within the past month, but the dress she lists is a size small and the one I tried on at Dillard's is a 6. Whenever you see size discrepancies like that in an eBay listing, it's a for sure red flag that said item is as fake as a porn star's tan. Boo. Hiss.

Which means, I'll have to keep an eagle eye out on the two left here in town.

And continue to play around in my closet.

So, tell the Bitches, other than warm weather, what is it that you covet for spring?


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Oh hello! Tex appears to be One Of Us, she too is in disfavor of the Uggs. Welcome Tex!

and now on to your choices.. LOVE them! very fresh, very fun! You need to get that BCBG dress soon, so you can prove to the world that Gingham does not equal Dorothy.


I'm yenning a Contrast Skirt from jScrew (soon to be acquired), and a nice seafoam green haberdashery shirt to go with. Soon, my preciouses...sooon...

Tex said...

ooo thanks for the shout guys! Agree about layering textures, and big thumbs up on nude sandals - a must as far as I am concerned.

moi said...

You know what else, y'all? Don't laugh. But I'm kind of craving a straw fedora for spring – like this one in all the KMart Mixology ads: http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/c_10151_10104_Clothing_Women%27s

Boxer said...

I'm craving a whole new wardrobe. Can I fly you up here to take me shopping?

Although, I totally get the "shop from home" concept. I recently went through all of clothes and (of course) found things I loved all over again.

Boxer said...

p.s. I looked at hat and will only say; why not? I love hats and if I could add more thing to my wardrobe it would be more hats. Why oh why did they go out of style?

moi said...

Boxer: Fly away! I'll brave the NTSB for fashion any day. And Bitches wanna know: what did you find in your closet? Show us, please!

As for hats, I wish I didn't have such an abnormally large sized head. This is not my imagination. Doctors have measured it and proclaimed: "Girl, that's a big ass head you got there." Like it's done me any good :o)

Anyway, I tried two of those cute fedora-like ones on yesterday while slumming before puppy class: one at Dillard's, one at BCBG. Both "perched." Boo.

Boxer said...

I found a pair of Frye Boots!! brown. Stuffed in the back of the closet.

moi said...

Fryes! What kind? Campus? Riding? Harness? Short, tall, cropped, what? We need to know!

Boxer said...

belted harness, calf height. brown. I can't remember when I bought them. Five years? Not the most comfortable boot to wear, when I took them off Friday night I felt like I took off five pound ankle weights. Oh, but they look good so who cares!

moi said...

Oh, that style is the schizzle. They go with everything. Mine are hard as you-know-what to put on and take off, but once on, I can literally run in the things. So if they're not comfortable on your feet, they may be the wrong size. Or they may need to be broken in.

Tex said...

Moi, I am a member of the big ass head club too. I feel your pain!

Herself said...

Good luck with the gingham...I could never wear it. I'm too full-figured and end up looking like Aunt Bea; worse, with it gathered under the bust, like a pregnant Aunt Bea. Love the shoes with the rivets, though. There must be a compromise to that dress I could pull off. I have to have a waist.