Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shopping with the Mo

Readers may recall, about 100 years ago, when our beloved Mo wrote in to ask for help. On getting the call, we bitches cranked up the Bat Mobile and took Mo on a shopping trip. Here's Mo's account of the experience (with Bitches commentary).

Bitches: So, Mo, what was the experience like?

Mo: Well, it was a long list of "nevers." As in: I’ve "never" been in THIS store before. I have never tried on a mini skirt and sequined top,

or a pair of skinny jeans . . .
(Bitches Note: The BCBG manager, a sunny-side-up gal by the name of Hope who had as much fun as we did, bless, her, said that no one who tried on these Motocross jeans looked good in them. No one. Until Mo came along. Mo looked like a tall drink of water in a wild ass Mad Maxian dream in these pants.)
or. . .

I would never have picked out that. In a million gajillion years.

(Bitches Note: OK, so maybe that jacket was a little too Joan Collins even for us, but I stand by my assertion that You Don't Know Until You Try On.)

It was a whirlwind of Moi and DP charging into stores, plucking things off of racks and tossing me and the whole armful into a dressing room. Several times, I emerged with something on backwards, or a jacket-type thing without a shirt underneath so it showed my belly button. But they were very patient with me. I suggested poor pairings, and was told why too matchy-matchy was not good, for instance. Some things they adored on me, and I did not (striped dress from BCBG!?!!)

(Bitches Note: Le Sigh. Ah well, the stripes, they are not for everyone.)

Other things, like this tic-tac-toe blouse, I loved on me, and I think they thought was just ok.

(Bitches Note: We totally get the unreasonable love. And it was a nice change from Mo's usual repertoire . . . and, look, Moi. Here it is with your skirt!)

So what did I get? To satisfy the party requirement, I got an awesome black wrap dress for $80.

(Bitches Note: How could she not get this dress?!? Honestly, she put it on and the room warmed 10 degrees, that's how HAWT she was in it.)

I got a pair of flattering jeans (holy cow, where did those legs come from?) for $88, and a black pencil skirt ($40) and a white ruffled moto jacket ($98).

(Bitches Note: Again with the hawtness. We calls it like we sees it.)

Later, I got a necklace, another pair of jeans, a contrast skirt, a jean jacket, and a pair of leopard patterned shoes.

I learned that shoes can really give an outfit personality. I learned a few different ways to accentuate the positive aspects of my figure which is smaller on top than the bottom. But mostly from the experience I learned that playing with different looks – even if they are not “me” all the time – is ok, and can be fun.

I am still struggling to put together outfits (BoF: don't we all!), although I have found a few things in my closet that I forgot were there. With some thought, I’ve emerged from the closet a little better dressed. It’s a process! Thanks to the BoF, I have taken the first steps!

Thank you from the bottom of my fashion starved heart,


Pirate: Mo, I've never had an easier barbie to dress. You're a good sport, a quick study, and you made it fun. I'll be happy to take you shopping any time!

Moi: Good sport was right. It did my heart glad to see that Mo just jumped in with both feet and took chances with her looks. A day without fashion is like a day without sunshine and we do so love the sun when it shines.


Bones said...

Wow, MO! I don't think I've ever seen you in real clothes before! :)

chickory said...

how fun. Mo, you have a great figure and it looks like lots of things look great on you. i hated the striped dress too. but i liked the jacket and pencil skirts. i just dont like skinny jeans, but like the bitches said, youre a rare one who can roll that way. glad you had a good time, and thanks for sharing it with us. i love vicarious shopping.

| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

damn she is ROCKING those motorcycle jeans!

I'll admit it, I like the tic tac toe blouse.

Boxer said...

that black wrap dress is amazing and for the price, I'd buy two just in case one gets lost at the cleaners. I learned something from this post; you don't know until you try on.

reading this I was reminded of when I was younge,r a friend and I would drink champagne at lunch and then try on Prom Dresses for fun. (we were in our mid-20's) it was a gas.

Good Job MO! I love the shoes too.

Flamin' Mo said...

@Bones - I know! what a shocker to see me out of spandex, right?
ok... I might have to go back and get those motorcycle jeans.... retrospective shopping is fun, too!

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