Friday, March 5, 2010

Bitch a Day: Shabby Chic

It's spring and I'm not planning to shell out for a whole new wardrobe. I too am shopping my closet, though I yen for a couple of new items (like this Contrast Skirt, which I will have soon, sooon, my pretty). I'm also slow to change my look this season, because I am. OK? I'm happily stuck in my comfort zone fashion genres.

I don't always like to dress up on Friday, but I don't always like to go casual, so I tread the line between weekday and weekend wear. Friday is generally more of a rock and roll day.

I admit it fully: I love my shredded jeans. I know there are many who look at my shredded jeans with a wince, thinking why oh why would someone pay good money for jeans that look like they got dragged behind a truck for 100 miles? You look like you were attacked by a dog – surely you didn't do this on purpose?

Yes. I did, I do, I love them, and I don't care who knows. The real problem for me is, how does one get taken seriously when wearing jeans avec holes in them? How do you wear them without looking like a homeless person? Or worse – a 15-year-old girl?

My answer: I dress them up. I figure if I look like a grown-up from the waist up and the ankles down, no one will question my fashion sense. I pretend it's OK. Because it is.


Shirt: Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve button down shirt, in Magenta.
Scarf: Alexander McQueen silk (skulls)
Jacket: J. Crew velvet pinstripe blazer
Shoes: Steve Madden, cheetah print stilettos. Or is it leopard print? Cougar? Anyway . . .
Jeans: J. Crew vintage slim fit in "beat to sh*t" wash
Cat: Cartman the Magnificent

Shredded jeans is my answer to Hawaiian Shirt Friday. It's my middle-finger to the working week. They generally get a little more use on Friday (and sometimes Monday when I am still attached to the weekend).

Tell the bitches: What do you wear on Friday when you just don't care?


moi said...

Ooooo, thanks for the Cartman wuv. He's so squishy-wishy.

Well, I rarely have appts. on Fridays but am usually almost always working, ergo, casual all the way. And I mean all. Like, still in the morning's running clothing.

Out-of-the-house casual for me, though, is usually a pair of skinny jeans, tee shirt, Frye's and my DKNY army green Travis Bickle jacket.

As for your outfit, you know I'm still fencing on the shredded jeans, but you ALSO know I totally love those shoes and that bad ass scarf (what's your CPU on that now, BTW? Low 2 figures yet? :o) ), so you shred all you want and let the haters eat cake.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

That scarf is so cool it gets its own name. I think I have worn La McQueen mebbe 10 times now, which does put the CPU in the low double digits. I'm crossing a fine line on top with it knotted around my neck - it does look a little like I'm ready to go drive my Yacht.

But it's OK, OK?

Tex said...

Digging the shredded jeans. A lot.

kylie said...

i have to wear a uniform to work buton fridays i play rebel and wear jeans with a tshirt. or maybe a buttoned shirt. doesnt matter, i work in a factory and the boss wears her showoff threads more than she wears the uniform

Boxer said...

I work for myself and I'm in manufacturing so everyday is Friday in my world, however, Saturday is the day I let myself not really care.... then it's Levi's, clogs and my brown "Blue Ridge" Hoodie I bought in Georgia. I'm so happy in that get up that I don't care that I probably look like a slacker.

I really love a good pair of shredded jeans and somehow just when they get to that point, they become too short. Bah!

Herself said...

Hmm. You are giving me some good ideas. I was just notified that because I have a March birthday, I get to wear jeans any time I wish during the month of March. Of course, I don't have cool shredded jeans, but still.