Friday, June 25, 2010

what the heart wants

Remember a couple months back when I was Jones-ing for this?

Only it was like eleventy-million dollars and so tiny that I had to go up four full sizes just to find one that fit? But that I oh-so-adored its vibrant painterly pattern regardless of the fact that the last thing we pear-shaped gals should do is plaster our hips and ass with a print that makes a Jackson Pollock painting look like a pencil sketch?

But what are fashion rules if not meant to be broken, right?

So anyway, I never could hunt down said Tracy Reece skirt on the 'Bay, but then a couple weeks ago, Pirate sent Moi the Red Alert that her favorite sartorial outlet, J. Crew, had a similarly styled skirt on sale for way less pesos, and so, yes, dear readers. I bought it.

I heartily give it four and a half stars for construction (including a lining, always a nice touch), fit, and wearability.

Here's what I'm pairing it with today for lunch with a friend:

Impressionist pencil skirt, J. Crew
Ruffled blouse, Odille
Ruffled cashmere cardigan, J. Crew
Ivanka pumps, BCBG
Locket, family heirloom

And, later, to toughen it up a bit:

Military-style cotton jacket, DKNY Jeans
Ivory cotton top, Ralph Lauren
Zipper detail booties, BCBG
Necklace, Wear It! boutique

In the winter, I think this can easily pair with a turtleneck, jean jacket, and black boots. And save myself from my addiction to grey.

So tell Moi, what's currently lighting up your life, fashion or otherwise?


Fashion Butter said...

Cute cute cute! Did I mention cute?

美方 said...


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I tell you what I don't want is these danged foreign spammers! Don't they know that they should be spamming in engrish over here?

also, that skirt is effing adorable, and a way better color than that bad fitting reese thing.