Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Got the Wardrobe Blues

I found a long wool fringey sweater with a hood—like this one—at a smokin' hot price on Ideeli. It was long, it was wool, I was sold. It was such a good price it would have been criminal to turn it down.

Everybody out there who didn't buy this? You're goin' to jail!

"Wow," you say. "That is a really nice bathrobe!" And you'd almost be right. I meant for it to be for weekend apparel when I bought it. However, due to a certain, shall we say, closet ennui, it's made its way outside and onto my body in public and at work. Oh, the horror.

This is the problem with having a closet full of neutrals: Black goes with gray goes with white, goes with a touch of red, goes with leopard. Suddenly there you are, in your closet of fashion Garanimals because everything goes with everything! Plus, it's been cold here, and on days when it's cold out, I want to wear a blankie.

Today, in a half-hearted attempt to dress up, I paired it with my most recent fabulous post-xmas sale acquisition booties.

BCBGeneration Clog Booties

As a matter of fact, yes, I do look like Stevie Nicks, thank you (except I'm about a foot taller).

This fringey thing is just a slippery slope to fashion hell. Soon I'll be wearing it to Wal-Mart, with a bud light t-shirt and Crocs. Like a Snuggie.

Thank you, People Of Walmart, I now need eye bleach.

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moi said...

I feel ya girl. Recently, I found myself with an inexplicable craving for one of those vintage, hand knit Ralph Lauren blanket sweaters, the ones inspired by Navajo rug designs that he churned out during his Santa Fe Collection period? On to eBay I went where I discovered, to my horror, that these things are going for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Do I NEED to spend that kind of money on something that will essentially just make me look like I shop at Wal-mart? Okay, so a Wal-Mart in Scottsdale, but a Wal-Mart regardless. No, I do not. So, kudos to you for spending, what, a couple of Lincolns on your blanket-as-outerwear impulse? Which makes all the difference when you wake up one morning in the near future deciding it will become instead a bed for the new kitty.