Wednesday, September 23, 2009

but can you pogo in them?


So I got an e-mail from Vivienne Westwood today.

No, not Herself . . . her online store Hervia.

It seems that she has more of my favourite shoes.

Let me rewind for a moment for the benefit of our audience: I purchased a pair of the "Lady Dragon" (seen above) from the online store when I was abroad. I saw them on the feet of a well dressed lady in town and fell passionately madly in love with them.

No, your eyes do not mistake you – they are plastic shoes.

Before you say "Plastic Shoes? I ain't wearin' no Crocs!" let me assure you these are no Crocs. These are no shower shoes. These are not the jellies of Big Lebowski fame that you despised in the 80's. Non. These are by Melissa. These shoes are the wild collaboration of the fashion punk goddess herself with a Brazilian plastic shoe designer who is, herself, a Big Deal. Observe Melissa's other amazing creations here and judge for yourself.

Anyway, Moi. As I was saying. Viv has more - and my "buy" finger is itching . . . what do you think of these?
it seems if I pre-order them, they might ship by October something . . .

Moi Snarls Back:

First of all, let me get a leetle something off my chest about Vivienne Westwood. The woman started off making clothing for the Sex Pistols.

That's her on the right, circa the late '70s, with then-boyfriend, Malcolm McLauren, manager of the Sex Pistols.

Today, she's still tearing and tattering and safety pinning things together, only now, you need to rob Fort Knox to afford even one of her tee shirts. It looks like she's still punk, only she's snot.

Anyhoo, that being said, I do have to admit a bit of juh tem for these shoes. I've seen Pirate's in person and instead of being repelled, I found myself faced with an uncanny itch for a pair. Plus, get this! They're SCENTED! No kidding. Seriously. Fresh and fruity, y'all! And, they're surprisingly well made. What looks like plastic is in fact, like, industrial strength rubber. Uh-huh. So you know you'll last through the Apocalypse in these things.

(So, for that matter, will Vivienne herself. This is a woman who looks like she'll take a long, long, LONG time to expire. But there's something to be said for not going quietly.)

As for the bubble bauble on the pair o' shoes above, I'm not sure. On the one hand, I'd be afraid it would get knocked off somewhere in a New York minute. On the other, it does have that oh-so-space-age-industrial vibe that would go PERFECTLY with Pirate's Karen Millen outfit.

So, in the spirit of fashion enablers the world over and without with no designer would even sell an embroidered Kleenex, I say: Go for it.

Por Moi? My fave is the one with the bow.

Whatdya bet it smells like Wrigley's Gum?

Respondez vous les Pirate:

Oh, dude. I tried on some of Mme Westwood's threads - I gotta say, she's a fox. I tried on a jacket that made no sense and then suddenly seemed to drape indeed in a very flattering and unusual way, once I figured out which buttons matched with which. Skirts are the same - they look like a pile of fabric on the rack, but when you get it

I think it's quite appropriate that Amy Winehouse has been snapped in Westwood more than once.

I hear you on the oddness of the globe thingie...I'm not sure what I see in them, aside from they just look cool. I like cool. Also, I'm sure to be the only kid on my block with a pair.

Do you think we can get them to ship in bulk?


Boxer said...

those shoes look like candy and I think I'm love.

moi said...

Candy is dandy!

LaDivaCucina said...

Ok, La Diva's snarkin' and snarkin' big time.


The shoes won't fade

Won't stain

or get ruined by the rain.

I like the style in a retro Minny mouse kinda way.


My feet will sweat.

My feet will stink.

My feet will then slip.

Diva falls on her ass.

YUK! I can already feel the slime on the bottom of my hot, sweaty feet!

As for the scent: I hate when they put flower smells in toilet bowls and this is much the same to me. Putting a sickly fruit smell over the smell of feet cuz your feet are sweating so much in the plastic shoes? Ah, no.

More snarkiness: I can see instead of these shoes getting dirty, they'll get scrapes on the side or pieces will break off! haha!

And finally, I've had surgery on my feet and have scar tissue so I can already feel the unweilding plastic cutting rght into my poor feet.

Are they comfy? I can't imagine them being so....

LaDivaCucina said...

Wait a minute! I just remembered the last plastic fantastic shoe incarnation...about six years ago in L.A. the stores were selling high heeled plastic flip flops! They came in orange, blue, white, etc. Remember? blech!

Why won't plastic shoes go away, why? Why?

Wendy said...

LOVE THEM. Can't afford them. Just "won" a pair of '50s plastic shoes with carved Lucite heels on eBay for 99 cents, plus $6 shipping. I haven't gotten them yet, but I don't care if they don't fit--I'm cramming my feet into those buggers and smiling through the pain.

moi said...

Alrighty then, we got some passionate, divergent opinions! All points well taken. I think Pirate needs to weight in on the comfort/sweat/stink aspect, though, because I've never even tried these on.

Ah, yes, Wendy, how we suffer so for our "art." I've seen those Lucite heels from the '50s. We'll have to do a Show Us Your Fave Shoes post and you can email us a photo when you get them. I bet they're FAB.

LaDivaCucina said...

I want to see Wendy's shoes!!! They sound like "drop-me-off-at-the-front-door-and-then-find-a-seat-right-away" kind of shoes!

I just looked at the prices of the VW: over $100!!!!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

on the comfort/smell/sweat aspects:

comfort - not so much, but it's an issue of my own making. So desperate was I to buy mine that I bought a UK 6. I'm not a UK 6, I'm a UK 5. To compensate, I've put some padding of sorts, especially in the toes - so they don't fall off my feet. It's not ideal, but I love them so much I do not care. My next pair will be a UK 5 - and I think they will be fine.

Also, I'm a user of Bodyglide, so anything that is frictional becomes a non-issue when I apply it.

Smell - not really. The tutti-fruitti scent that they come with is pretty distinct. Not offensive, not conflictive. I keep them in their box, so my whole closet doesn't smell like Westwood.

Sweat - the footbed of the shoe seems to deal with sweat on its own, so it has not been an issue.

Price - I was actually pleased to see that they were relatively inexpensive. For a designer like Westwood I figured I'd be Louboutin'd out on price. I was pleasantly surprised.

I figure shoes are like Marmite, you love 'em or hate 'em. if you don't like 'em, I won't be able to convince you otherwise, and there will be no changing your mind. If you love 'em, like I do, you will make it work.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

also, the footbed of the shoe is not slippery plastic - it's a cushioned matte surface, seems to absorb a little bit. My feet do not slip in them at all.

Boxer said...

they would be perfect for the PNW - rain, rain, rain, and my pretty shoes would not be ruined. *sigh* Still in love.

Pam said...

Ooooh. I could do with a pair of these. Those green Wrigley ones really catch my eye. Not that I have a thing they would go with, but then again a new outfit to go with new shoes is not unheard of.

Now then. Let's talk about the cool pic of the Sex Pistols playing at Cain's ... which is the famous old timey country ballroom place in Tulsa ... where I have still YET TO GO! It is on my to do list for sure.

K9 said...

please channel "bohemian rhapsody" as we chant together:

on mama mia let me go!

Jaysus on a crutch and Mother of God NO

er, what cucina said. they are scented because all plastic shoes stink. cucina reminds me of the hilarious ad where a woman sprays a floral air deodorant in the kitchen and the kids says

ewwwww now it smells like fish and roses!

these look like giant barbie shoes. and unlike leather when scuffed they are not going to self heal with a good rubbing. no, they are going to have areas that look dull instead. and if you get certain marks on them? you wont be able to get them out because it will integrate with the plastic. take a good hard look at hard working plastic items in your house you will see what i mean.

when i read all the things that pirate had to do to make them right -well, thats love alright. overlooking the flaws now in the infatuation stage. we'll see how you feel in a year...."get out you plastic bastid and dont come back!"

everybody wants to look good. that is a given. but have you ever spent a miserable night out because your beautiful shoes or outfit just would not cooperate? i have and its not worth it.


when can we assassinate Ed Hardy?

moi said...

Boxer: That would be a clever way to market them. These shoes CAN stand the rain . . . and the snow . . . and nuclear winter.

Pam: Tulsa is one of the best kept secrets in the U.S. as far as rockin' cities go. And Cain's is right up there with CBGB's as an iconic club. Google the story behind the Pistols playing there – hilarious!

K9: Bwahahahahahaha! I hurt myself laughing at this – "get out you plastic bastids and don't come back!" Priceless.

I am fitting a rifle with a laser beam as we speak specifically for Ed Hardy. Man's gotta go.

Milk River Madman said...

Maybe you should date Clyde from South Park. His dad own's a shoe store. Could probably get these wholesale.

Boxer said...

BARBIE SHOES!!!!!! I spit my coffee out when I read that. K9's on fire and I still love them.

Ed Hardy is the devil. Really.

Boxer said...

K9 must really hate them because she used vord verification. bwahahahahah

K9 said...

theres no word veri!

LaDivaCucina said...

Pirate, you are right. I hate Marmite and Vegemite too!!! Enjoy your shoes! I bet they look darling on.