Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Young Girl's Fancy

Hola, Beeches!

I am back from Miami, where I mostly worked my butt off, although I did scare up enough time to run on the beach every day, eat fabulous food, observe at all manner of street fashion (gladiator shoes reign, whether sky high or street-level), gaze longingly through the designer windows at Bal Harbor, spend some money at more moderately priced boutiques along Collins and Lincoln Avenue on Miami Beach, and note with interest that designer or knock-off, the trends for spring are floaty, tee-shirty, and pale, pale, pale.

I debated for days over an Alexander Wang T draped back grey jersey dress. In the end, I left it in the boutique, but put it in my queue of eBay searches.

Did I purchase anything? Of course! Mostly, however, I learned a few things. Like Zara isn't all that I thought it would be. I tried on tons of things, nearly popped for a brilliant pencil dress with architectural seaming and ruched sleeves (the color was like death on me, though), and ended up instead with a cotton red and white striped sailor top with gathered shoulders and long sleeves. Both of which I'd show you if only the stoooooooopid Zara Web site would load for me. Grrrrrr.

I also learned that Nine West shoes are doubly not all that. Tres, tres cheap in every way imaginable. As Pirate and I often say regarding shoes: the one time you most definitely get what you pay for. Flats I'll go cheap on, but heels, never. However, how could I possibly resist a 30 percent off sale AND free shipping? I simply had to find something both well made and comfortable. And, I did:

The color on these shoes is absolutely perfect – a pale dove grey that gets me off the hook in my search for a neutral spring shoe. Praise baby jeebus, because I was getting oh-so-tired of looking at fifty gazillion versions of bone.

Also crave worthy were a splendid eyelet dress at Ralph Lauren, an impeccable white cotton blend blazer at Sisley, and the BEST linen/silk drape tees at Club Monaco. In the end, I sprung only for the Club Monaco tee.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention, I spent the most time at Nicole Miller oogling her über sexy, beautifully made, and very body-conscious-but-totally-flattering dresses. With any luck, I will snag one at an upcoming sale, thanks to the groovy sales boy who will call me the instant they go on sale.

But the thing I'm craving the most for spring are those INCREDIBLY chic, chopped cropped haircuts that Georgio Armani featured on the runway for his Fall/Winter 2010/2011 show. Oh my, these are cute, cute, cute!

Check 'em out:

Oh, I soooooooo want to chop!


| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

OH MAN, I am loving those shoes. Welcome back!

Boxer said...

I know the feeling about looking/looking/looking for a specific kind of shoe. I did that with my gladiators and finally hit the "submit" button on an online order partly because I was exhausted from the search. Wasn't Nine West a better shoe many years ago?

Anonymous said...

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