Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If Eve Had Worn High Heels

(Clicky for super duper sized!)

And hadn't been made instead to run around barefoot and then ruin her instep by giving birth to two full grown frat brats, she might have worn these shoes.

As for myself, well, they do boast a certain juh nay say Moi: A fabulous apple green color, a snakeskiny/alligatoresque print, a 4" heel bolstered by a 1" platform, and a delicate strap around the ankle.

On the other hand: they're, well, really, really, really GREEN.

No, I did not purchase them myself. A friend of mine did, someone just as shoe obsessed as we are, proving the maxim that we are not the only gals left in the universe who let loose of our marbles at the sight of a t-strap peep toe.

Said friend fixated on this pair of Vince Camuto shoes when they first showed up at Dillard's last spring. However, because she is also a Frugal Fashionista, she knew paying full retail price in this case was a major no-no (FF's don't pay retail for novelty items, as Pirate likes to call them – we only pay retail for "Oh my God, I have to have this now and if I do I'll wear it forever!" items, i.e. those in which the price-to-wear ratio comes in at around a bazillion, or whatever the proper math is in this case.) So, my friend practiced her Fashion Zen technique of NOT THINKING about the shoes for two whole months until the inevitable 75 percent off sale at Dillard's, during which time she correctly predicted that they would go on sale.

Which they did. Only not in her size. She is a 7.5, and all they had left was an 8.5. But at such a deep discount, she figured somehow, some way, she would make them work (Another tar pit trap we FFs sometimes fall into is the mistaken notion that the not-quite-perfect object of our desire will somehow miraculously become perfect by the time we get home, just because we wish it so.)

Naturally, these shoes did not somehow magically shrink down a whole size, but with the judicious use of some tissue paper and intestinal fortitude, she MacGyvered the Cavutos enough to make them fit for a one-time-only use. After which event, she realized she was off her rocker and passed them along to me, a solid 8.5.

And now, I must decide: wear 'em or sell 'em?

What think you all?

Should the Camutos stay or should they go?
Go: It ain't easy being green.
Stay: Eve would be so proud!
Unsure: I'm too busy laughing. And barfing. free polls


LaDivaCucina said...

They are a fabulous design and look comfy. Whatever you do, DON'T wear them with red!!

Boxer said...

I can see those at a certain spa......

oh please, you love them, so keep them. Plus, now that you've let them in your home, you know you can never put them outside to fend for themselves.

K9 said...

can you run jump shoot and wrangle dogs in them? of course you can. the apple plats stay.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

That Diva has a point - they do look on the comfy side.

I say stay, but only if you can love them. your closet is too damned small for something you don't heart.

If any babe can make the green work, it's you my dear!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh thar's somethin' jes' SO full circle about them shoes: What else SHOULD Eve do wif' that lyin' cheatin', jealous asp than to turn him into envy colored shoes fer treadin' down other varmits.

I mean, ladies, iffin' God had given that serpent a body like Adam, we'd be talkin' a whole 'nother kind of seduction.

Keep the shoes. They make one heck of a statement. ( pair wif' a black suit wif' a black green print blouse underneath? )

moi said...

La Diva: Oh good, Lord, no. That would be majorly barfy.

Boxer: Yes, I know. A shoe without a foot to love it is like a puppy out in the rain. Sniff.

K9: They're pretty darn comfy/stable. Besides, when La Revolucion comes, y'all will be mighty happy I have all these heels.

Pirate: I need to try them on with outfits before I make my final decision. I'm thinking the JCrew thing: ankle socks, jeans, boyfriend jacket. Maybe.

Aunty: Good point. The irony of the shoes alone makes them worth keeping. I like to pair green with grey, too.

Boxer said...

green and gray!! I'd love to paint my house those color combos, but maybe I'll just start with a new outfit. (Gray and burnt orange is my other "love" color combo.)

LaDivaCucina said...

I was kidding about the red, the green shoes remind me of the holiday season coming up and that dreadful combo: red and green!!!

Heather Cherry said...

I have a PERFECT solution. Give them to me, dah-link!

moi said...

Hmmmm . . . Miss Cherry. That could be arranged :o)